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Activity Books

Did you know that Muslim Tree can help raise money for your Islamic school, masjid, or Islamic organization? All it takes is promoting and selling Muslim Tree personalized educational products and we do the rest. The more you sell, the more you make.

Sample Fundraising Order Form

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The prices match our list prices, but your organization keeps a percentage of all proceeds and benefits from free shipping.  You can download a copy of the sample order form here (MT_Catalog_sample.pdf) for easier viewing. Also available are letters to parents (Parent_Letter.pdf) and posters (MTPoster_sample.pdf) to encourage the fundraising process.

There are many ways to raise money for your Islamic project and at Muslim Tree, we use a variety of techniques. 

For example, we hold a fundraising competition for Islamic schools within the school and between many schools with prizes for the top seller in a school and prizes for the top school.  In addition to prizes, all schools share a percentage of the book sales. The percentage depends on the number of products sold by the school.  

Another successful technique that we use with fundraising or just in general education, is a book reading. Muslim Tree will travel to your school to do a book reading with preschool and elementary students.  We perform a very special book reading where we present the idea of the book to the students on a projector screen, then we request a volunteer from the audience to have a personalized book read to them.  The student sits on the stage and on the big screen, we personalize a book on the spot for the student with their name and skin color! The students will inevitably be very excited by this, and we finish the book reading with a question and answer session about how we created the book and the roles of an author and illustrator.

Contact us for fundraising details and profit sharing structures.