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Activity Books

F.N.M said, “The book is really incredible. SubhanAllah, you guys have gotten SO many duas from anyone I've shown the book to. My brother in law who is a convert to Islam, has also found it quite helpful surprisingly. May Allah swt reward everyone of you who had anything to do with the creation, assembly, publication and distribution of this book with the best of His rewards and mercy.”

Umm Yusuf said, “Jazaki Allahu Khayrane for the book! It is truly amazing, just as I imagined it would be. It is of high quality, from the pages to the pictures to the words. I especially love the pack of seeds that was included in the package. Masha Allah! ...I have been telling all my friends about this wonderful book and encouraging them to purchase copies. May Allah SWt put barakah in all your efforts and reward you tremendously for all you do for His sake, Ameen"

Umm Adam said, “I looooooove the book, I'll tell you I buy tons of islamic books for the kids, and have seen many other ones at the islamic school on oxford and I have yet to see one like yours, mash allah its awesome!”
Umm Ibrahim said, “My husband brought home the books from the masjid today and mashaAllah, they are awesome! My kids love them and I've been reading them over and over all day today. :) Ibrahim even took out his little stool, went to the washroom, made wudhu (the way he saw in the book), and started praying on his prayer rug all by himself, mashaAllah! May Allah (swt) reward you and your husband for this wonderful project you are undertaking. Ameen. I can't wait for the next book!”

Ummyasmeen said, “JazakAllahukhairn!  We got the books and we absolutely love them!!  All of the kids that we bought books for also love them so much, thank you very much.  Everyone is asking for your website so that they can also order books and we are anxiously awaiting the salah book!  Actually, my daughter really loves the book and she is so excited to make wudu and even pray the sunnah for every salah now, mashaAllah.”