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Actually, you can find all about a Muslim Tree in the Qur’an as Allah describes it in Surah Ibrahim (14:24-25).  “See you not how Allah sets forth a parable? - A goodly word as a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the sky (i.e. very high). Giving its fruit at all times, by the Leave of its Lord and Allah sets forth parables for mankind in order that they may remember.” 

What is this “goodly word,” this kalimah that Allah is speaking of in this verse?  According to ibn 'Abbas, this kalimah is Laa ilaaha illa Allah.  Allah is using an analogy of a great beautiful tree, better than any tree that we can find on this earth.  Allah describes this tree as having roots firmly fixed. This means that Laa ilaaha illa Allah needs to be firmly established in our hearts with knowledge, certainty, acceptance, submission, truthfulness, sincerity, and with love for it and its people and hate against those who oppose it (Light of Guidance by Yasir Qadhi).

The branches of this tree tower in the sky meaning that Laa ilaaha illa Allah should be visible on us in all aspects. This tree give its fruits at all times. How amazing of a tree that it can give fruits of all different kinds during the whole year, fall, winter, spring and summer? And what better fruits than Jannah, protection from the Fire, forgiveness, guidance, a good life, a light, brotherhood, and seeing Allah’s Noble Face, just to name a few.

So what is a Muslim Tree?  It is YOU! See the video.

Without going into the boring details, we use specialized software to design our products allowing each item to be unique.  Our products are printed on specialized equipment at a state of the art printing facility in the US (, and the shipped all around the world.

Sure, just enter the names separated by spaces as the first name and be sure to indicate that in the notes section of your order.  Of course, there is a character limit (we can only fit so much on a page).

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We have bookstores selling our original, non-personalized products and we have distributors around the world selling our personalized products for their organizations as general sales and fundraisers. Please contact us if you are interested in selling our products as fundraiser for your organization or Islamic school.

We actually recommend all ages for our books.  We've had converts read our books to help them learn and 2 year old's will mimic the pictures in the book in making wudhu or praying (we recommend "indestructible" books for the younger ages).  Good Deeds Cards and Journals are intended for children between the ages of 4 and 10.

Recommended ages for self-reading, the wudhu book was written for ages 5-10 and the salah book is more complicated and longer and is for ages 7-12.