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Activity Books

It all started when a mother and a father tried to find a clever and effective technique to teach children in a way that would be fun, intriguing, and motivational. So they decided the best way would be to write and illustrate a rhyme book about their child. But why make it only about their child when every child should have a special book in which they are the main character? It was then Muslim Tree was born.

Muslim Tree seeks to teach children their Islamic duties in a way that promotes memory retention and encourages action. Educators know that real-life learning coupled with action leads to enhanced comprehension  and is termed experiential learning.

Muslim Tree provides a variety of personalized Islamic educational materials that promote experiential learning. Your children will love and enjoy the playful rhymes and colorful illustrations found in Muslim Tree products. And because it is all about your child, they will feel a sense of ownership of their Islamic duties, growing them into righteous Muslims, inshaa’Allah.

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Hoda Elkassem, a registered pharmacist and long-time poet, is the Muslim Tree writer and mother of Muslim Tree. She currently is working the most important job in the world and that is educating and raising her children.

Humza Igram, an accountant/process engineer (by trade)/artist/art teacher, etc., is Hoda’s husband and father of Muslim Tree.  He just happens to be the illustrator and designer for Muslim Tree by default. He takes his artistic inspiration from his childhood and from his children (hence the big heads).