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The Muslim Tree philosophy when teaching children Allaah’s Book starts before the child is born. This means that if we want our children to memorize the Qur’an, we ourselves have to take the first step and work to memorize the Qur’an. We must be good role models to our children, if they see us excited to memorize the Qur’an, they will follow suit. Also, make dua’ during the last third of the night, in sujud, while making tawaf, and during all other times when dua’ is more likely to be accepted.

It is essential that our children memorize, understand and practice the Qur’an and we must surround them and ourselves with its recitation. We suggest starting by playing or reciting Qur’an when the child is in the womb. Continue the recitation and playing of the Qur’an after the child is born. We found that children love to associate visual with audio, so attract your children to listening to the Qur’an by playing videos of prayers such as taraweeh in the haramain, children reciting, etc.  View our YouTube channel for playlists that your children will love and learn from!

Other good websites for learning Qur’an:  (a wide variety of reciters) (search the text of the Qur’an) (the Noble Qur’an translation) (hundreds of books in pdf format) (supplications in English, Arabic and transliteration) (excellent Islamic materials for children)

Good health is the key to a strong mind and effective worship.  Many of the foods we feed our children today are counter productive to good behavior and effective learning.  Our bodies have a right on us and our children have a right on us that we provide for them food and clothing and a healthy environment.  Today’s lifestyle is filled with chemicals and unnatural substances, especially highly developed countries. From drinking water to the beds we sleep on, we must be concerned with how we are protecting our children.  Visit these sites to read more:

Following the example laid forth by Prophet Muhammad (sal-Allaahu ‘alaihe wa sallam) is our path to Jannah.  When we obey him, we obey Allaah. The instruction to obey the Messenger and follow him and mimic him must be woven into all aspects of our lives if we are to be successful and raise successful families. The sunnah is from Allaah, and who better to direct all aspects of our lives than the One who created and fashioned us?